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Recent Productions


The Gate

'The Gate' Dunja Joçic her latest dance production premièred on March 23rd in Bielefeld and was a huge succes.
Two quotes from the reviews:
…wobei die von Renger Koning eigens erstellte Musik, die mit elektronischen Soundscapes und effektvollen Einsätzen von Gesangsstimmen ihren Beitrag leistet, und den Beobachter doch nicht erschlägt.
Westfalen-Blatt, 25.03.24

Der durchweg beeindruckende soundtrack is von Renger Koning
Die stimmige Musik, ein fantastisches Bühnenbild und nicht zuletzt ein grandioses Ensemble tun ein Übriges, um das Publikum der Uraufführung zu Begeisterungsstürmen hinzureißen. Absolut sehenswert.
Neue Westfälische, 25.03.24


Corporate movie: The Achmea way'

After winning the Grand Prix in Cannes in October 2022 (out of over 800 applications) the Achmea film won the 'Gouden Reiger' for Best Corporate video in The Netherlands. The five storylines represent the different brands and sectors of insurance cooperative Achmea, but unites them with a single tone of voice that leverages the power of storytelling.
Director: Hugo Keijzer, Production: 1Camera

Renger wrote new tune for the latest BelSimpel / Gomibo commercials.
A happy uplifting tune.

'ZOEK! De vrouw, de hond en de dood' - director Mariëtte Faber.
This is the trailer for the documentary for which Renger wrote the score.

'Buma Award!'

Renger received his second Buma Award in 5 years, this time for 'best original score in a theatre production'. 'De Panter' by choreographer Dunja Joçic also received a Swan for best contemporary dance production in 2020 - 2021 and some very good reviews.

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'We, us and other games'

A contemporary dance experiment in Rome and Bolzano with Spellbound Dance Company and choreographer Duna Joçic.
Link to the opening track.

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'Hotel Wonderland'

For Hotel Wonderland, an immersive theatre experience in Amsterdam, Renger composed over 4 hours of original material. In over 4000m2 visitors could immers themselves together with 12 actors in a 3 hour show. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions Hotel Wonderland closed its doors.
This is a link to the Ouverture.

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'2 tracks for The Solos - Curio'

Sixteen new novel, unusual, rare and sometimes bizarre trailer music cues. Warm, intimate, nostalgic and reflective. For this album Renger wrote 2 tracks that hopefully will appear in trailers somewhere in the world in the near future.

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