In 2012, after composing for audiovisuals for over 2 decades, Renger decided he wanted to become a filmcomposer. In 2017 he won his first Buma Award for best filmscore 'Bezness as usual' from director Alex Pitstra. In 2019 he was introduced to choreographer Dunja Joçic and they started working on 'The Resident'. This became a fruitful cooperation: in 2021 'De Panter' Dunja received a Swan [best contemporary dance production] for her choreography and Renger won his second Buma Award for best music.
In 2022 Renger worked on 3 contemporary dance productions with Dunja: 
'The Previous Owner', 'We, Us and other games'  [for Spellbound dance company - Rome / Italy] and 'Het gras hier is groener'.

In 2023 he was nominated again for a Buma Award for his music in the immersive theatre production
'Hotel Wonderland'. Renger composed over 4 hours of music for this highly acclaimed theatre production in cooperation with Cinereal Los Angeles.

In 2023 Renger scored 
'The Occupant', a science-fiction thriller directed by Hugo Keijzer, set for release in 2024.

'The Gate',a Dunja Joçic dance piece, premiered 23rd of March 2024 in Bielefeld / Germany.

'I want to write memorable melodies that touch peoples hearts'.

Buma Stemra
Since May 2023 Renger is a board member of 'Raad van Rechthebbenden' at Buma Stemra.

Since 2012 Renger is a board member of BCMM, the Dutch association of media and film composers. He is also a member of DFC, Dutch Film Composers.

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